No one says


need to be


I am who I am because of how I feel and the journey life has taken me on.  I lost my sense of style when I became a mum and I was in all fairness, pissed off! I just couldn’t figure out why I felt shit in everything I wore and dressing up was a complete drag.  I gave up and decided I would wear just anything.  I then followed trends, hoping they would lead me back down my road, you know the colourful sparkly one I skipped along before having children, you know that one?

I later realised (6 years later to be precise), it was not clothes that were the problem, it was me! I had great style, who the hell forgets how to dress? Well, that person was me! I was seriously lost within myself and because I was not happy, I struggled to find clothes that would inhibit that feeling.

As time went by I did a few things that helped me on my way to feeling myself again:

  1. Let go!
  2. Focus on what is going to make you feel happier at the time, if fashion is not something that’s sparking those emotions at the time.
  3. Allow yourself to morphe into the new you, a mum, wife, husband etc…
  4. Buy one thing at a time that could help you get a sense of style i.e. a hair clip, earrings, lipstick, shoes, top…
  5. If it’s gradual, don’t rush the process.
  6. Get inspiration from books, things you enjoy doing, pictures…

I know it’s hard to just wear what everyone else is wearing but it’s a dangerous game.  First danger is that we become sheep, everyone wants to be followed (see instagram), so try to be a shepherd.  Wearing what suits us and makes us feel good does not mean wearing what makes others look good.  We must remember that we see ourselves unfiltered and that could put us off if we end up NOT looking like the person we saw on social media.

In conclusion, style is personal and be yourself, even if it means you are still finding that person…

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