About Us


Be you, ALWAYS!

– Our Mum

Lately we have been feeling such a need to let everyone in on our love for fashion.  It is a bit loud, we do admit, but we have been inspired by Kelis, Whitney Houston, Paloma Faith, Bjork, Texas and many more wild artists.  We don’t claim to know it all about fashion either.  Just 2 ex fashion students who just love dressing up.

As children we always played dress up, recreating fashion shows on the porch of our house in deep, rural South Africa.  Our love grew as we turned into teenagers with a passion for glitter eye shadow and bronzer…lots of it! Yes, we used bronzer way back in the early 90’s.  As we added sequence to jeans and cut tops we developed our own style so we didn’t have to blend into our small town.  This grew over the years and we ended up studying Fashion Styling and Design and Dressmaking.  With these skills in place we persued that love further by styling various shoots and recreating fabulous clothes that people could love and wear everyday.

As the years have passed and we have had children, our love has evolved and morphed into what we have now created. SISTER FASH is our lovechild, born out of a love for trendy and thrifty pieces.

We want to share our passion with everyone and show you that style is skin deep and can be cheap!

Lots of Love

Sabena & Anthea x